Loving biologics

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Hi, hope you are all well ?

Last Wednesday I had my first monthly golimumab injection, it's safe to say I wasn't looking forward to the whole experience , however I was pleasantly surprised! Didnt hurt at all - In fact the splinter I got later hurt more! :D

I felt faint a bit after, nurse explained it was because I'd built myself up and it was my adrenaline and endorphins coming down.

I noticed a slight slight improvement the very next day. Some of my swelling has decreased, therefore my pain is slightly less and discomfort has improved slightly. Having said that not everyday has been brilliant.

I've had a few dizzy spells - nothing major. -and I've a sore throats especially on a night. 'My daughter is just getting over a bad cold etc so. It sure if it's a side effect or my body fighting off a bug.

Anyway on the whole I am v impressed with simponi - should be for £475 per shot! :o

I am also impressed with the company follow up and aftercare! Hoping and praying for a better future xx

Anyone else got feedback on similar ? X