Diagnosed two months - my top 5 *facepalm* comments

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So after being diagnosed for two months with aggressive RA. I have received lots of comments from friends, family, work colleagues and strangers. Here in no particular order are the most frequent comments I get which make me want to scream inside.

1. Oh so it's only rheumatoid arthritis, phew I bet you're relieved it's nothing serious

2. Methotrexate that's a toxic drug doctor's prescribe because they don't care/are in big pharma pockets. It killed my mother in law/sister in law/everyone I know

3. You're medication is giving you side effects. Of course it is its toxic that's why you want to stop it and use alternative therapies. My sister in law/mother in law/stranger on a train told the medics to stuff it and she's absolutely fine. Feeling rubbish is your fault for being so gullible and doing what the doctors tell you. What do they know.

4. Oh right so the doctor says to rest up, absolutely so why don't you? By the way what's for dinner? Did you wash my shirt?

5. No you shouldn't be sitting around. That's giving in, you can't give in to this disease, you need to act like you don't have it. That's what I've read. Doesn't matter how tired you feel today, that's just you being weak/lazy. If you take a day off it will beat you.

Anything sound familiar?


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    I did chuckle when I read 4 and 5! I've been told to carry on as I was before to not let it get to me as I can't do anymore damage than I already have! And I've had a few cleaning arguments with my husband whilst I'm off work and waiting for surgery!

    I'm sure lots of people relate to this post! Thank you!
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    No.1 was what my mother said!

    Another couple that drives me nuts and makes me want to punch the person is

    1.) Oh you have Osteoarthritis, 'so and so' has that and is on 'so and so' meds and it's ............

    2.) never mind there's so much they can do these days