Bi-lateral nerve root block injections

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Hello everyone, i am new to this forum and i am wondering if anyone knows how many nerve root block injections you can have. Different people seem to have different answers. I did ask the nurse from the flareup clinic and she said she thought that as long as they weren't closer than six months apart and you are still getting relief then you can continue to have them, but a spinal stenosis group i belong to many people said there was a limit of three! I am on the waiting list for my third.

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    Hi Maggie,

    Welcome to our online community, pleased to meet you. I had a little look around and couldn't find the limit on number of injections, however this leaflet is about nerve block injections so could be useful root blocks lumbar sympathetic block_NBT002599.pdf

    The team on helplines are very knowledgeable on most arthritis related topics so could be useful to chat to. One of the forums is run by the helplines team or ring them on
    0808 800 4050

    How long did your previous treatments last for?

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hi Maggie. I don't know the answer to this but I'm guessing it might depend on what's being injected. Why not ask whoever does your next one? Or whoever ordered it?
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