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Hi guys I need help urgently , my sons appeal is today and the support he was meant to have from Wessex disability is unavailable to attend leaving it to ourselves to cope with . Has anyone got any advise for me , has anyone gone through this that can tell me what to expect as I'm at my wits end . Thanks guys


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    I am shocked to read that you have been let down on such an important day as this.

    Can I suggest you read through posts by people who have been through the process and maybe telephone our helpline:

    0808 800 4050

    The very best of luck from the Moderators we will be thinking of you.

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    Well it's over thank goodness a day I never want to repeat i was unpreparered had no notes because the person that was meant to be with us fron Wessex disability took them home with her and we were not allowed to Adjurn the hearing , my poor son whom I may say held it together very well had 2 and a half hours of questions from 3 different people , a judge ,a doctor and the disability assessor before we were allowed to leave the room whilst they made there desision and the news is bitter sweet he has now been awarded 13 points instead of 9 for care so is now on the enhanced rate but mobility has stayed the same at 10 points so still at standard rate we are pleased with the result but I can still hardly believe that a person that has to use a wheelchair on a daily basis and struggles so badly is still only entitled to standard mobility . I do feel so badly let down by Wessex disability leaving us so stranded on a day when we so badly needed them but because they have knocked two years off of my sons reward I will start preparing now and go it alone like I have always done in the past .
    I personally found it worse than the assesment but non the less glad we done it .
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    I answered on your other thread, sorry I thought it as for assessment and not appeal.

    Mobility is so hard to get, the pip criteria has changed from DLA, but I can understand how disappointed you must feel if your Son needs to use a wheelchair on a regular basis.

    I think with 8 points (if awarded on the moving around section and not planning and following journeys) you will be able to get a blue badge.

    you say he had 2 years knocked off the award. Was this at the appeal?

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    Yes it was taken away at the appeal and because the claim was backdated it means in a year we will have to start again :(:(
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    Gosh jordansmum :?

    You two did so well and should be very proud of yourselves.

    Shame you lost some time, but hopefully they won't muck you about next time and the process might be easier.

    What you did you did for everyone who has a disability and is struggling with getting a fair award.

    Thank you.

    Toni xxx