No gout, just plain old flare-up!

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After two painful episodes of swelling in my knees, the blood tests came back as clear. So, I don't have gout, which I'm pleased about. Apparently, neither do I have pseudogout, as the x-rays didn't show any crystals. (I'm not 100% convinced of this. The same x-ray department stated that my foot was all right, mainly because they hadn't x-rayed it while I was weight-bearing. In fact the mid-foot joint is bone-on-bone, as seen on ultrasound when I had a guided steroid injection.)

What the x-rays did show is OA in the knee joint, but significantly in both kneecaps. The GP, therefore said that OA can and does flare and this is what happened. He's put ibuprofen gel onto my repeat prescription and said that I could have injections if I wanted.

Have others got OA in their kneecaps? What other options do I have about treatment?



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    Hi Meg,

    Im have OA in me left knee, and was diagnosed only 2 and a bit years ago.

    Flare ups do happen, and can happen at any time, they can be painful but I ahve found the best "treatment" is to raise my leg up and put a ice pack on it for about 10-15 minutes, which can aleviate the swelling. Flare ups with me tend to last no more than 2 days, subsiding on the third day.

    As for treatment, I have been on Ibuprofen, co-codamoal and naproxen. My GP suggested a steroid injection for long term pain relief, and 2 months in its been bliss. A word of caution, steroids are funny and everyone reacts different with them, so best talk with your GP to see if its for you.

    All the best.

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    Thank you Sharon and Alistair. I know I've had OA in both knees for more years than I care to count, but, even so, flare-ups such as I have had recently are new to me. The last one I had, six weeks ago, lasted for five days - even with ibuprofen gel - before the swelling went down. I couldn't put any weight on my knee for three of those days, but I did use an icepack which at least made me feel more comfortable.

    Depending on how desperate I get, I may go back for a steroid injection in the future. I've had them in my thumb joints and they're worked pretty well for me in the past, even though they only last for a certain length of time.

    Thank you for the link, Sharon, which reminded me of all the good information available here. I'm going to make time to have a look at it all.

    I hope your steroid injection continues to help your knee, Alistair, and wish you well.

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    I know my OA 'flares' if I've been overdoing things and resting sorts things out. I don't swell too much thanks to the meds for the other arthritis but I find heat a comfort. I've had a number of steroid injections into my knees but they achieved very little, the only one that worked was into my right ankle and that made life easier for three months then normal service was resumed. :wink:

    I empathise, Megrose, these events are never welcome, are time-consuming in restricting our abilities ands frustrating but there is some good news - no gout! Hurrah! :) I hope things improve soon. DD
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