Further OH update - Workstation Assesment

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Me again!

Had my workstation assesment today, feels like its been a slog to get to this stage, what with having to figh my corner and keep telling work this is what I need.

first thing the assessor asked was "what is the reason you requested this assesment", and immediately that made me think FINALLY, someone is listening! I told him that I get stiffness/soreness after sitting down for more than 25-30mins and need to get up and walk around to ease this. I got the feeling he was on my side and wanted to help.

He recommended that I get a table to fit on my desk, so my keyboard/mouse/monitor can be raised to a better height, as he said my desk is too low so im almost bending over (been 6'2") and this will help my posture and put less strain on my knee. Alos will be recommending I take "micro breaks" of around 30s when I feel stiffness, stand up and move about.

Overall a very positive experience, far better than the brick wall that HR has been.



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    Great news.
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    That sounds very good, Alastair.

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    That sounds really positive - I've been lucky with my workplace so far (two gammy knees) and it really makes all the difference

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