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Hi Everyone
Thank you all for your lovely replies.

This is Thursday morning and I'm not much better. I can't put weight on that side at all..........absolute agony . I'm terrified to go out on my own at all.

This is the person that after her first hip replacement fought after a week in the house to get Peter to take me out to our shopping centre, with my mobility scooter and leave me there for a while.

Against his better judgement he did and left me {for just half an hour :lol: } with loads of instructions.

He said this morning do you want me to take you in to the Metro Centre and pick you up again. The thought of that scares me even though I'll be on my scooter.

I've been up since 7am, taken some tablets, drinking tea and
hoping they take effect. I've got some MST that I take at 9am and then 12 hours later. They might hit the spot. I might take them earlier but still 12 hours between them.
The doctor in the hospital made me feel like a drug addict because I was on MST and had Oramorph for breakthrough pain {5 mls usually x 2 a day}

If you have got as far as this thanks for reading

Love Hileena


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    There is an upside to all this. I was so sore that Peter rang the OT and asked if I could have my raised toilet seats a bit before my TKR
    She came armed with two toilet seats and saw how bad I was and said lets go and sit down and talk.

    She asked questions from a form and that has resulted in me getting
    a trolley for downstairs {I have one for upstairs} from my THR that I was told I could keep because I was on 2 crutches and it would be a help
    Something for the bed {not sure what} to help me in and out if I need it.
    Blocks to raise my chair
    I'm sure there were a couple of other things but can't remember at the minute.
    This last lot haven't arrived yet, have to be ordered but they should be here soon.

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    Good morning hileena,
    I'm sorry to read that your knee is still giving you so much pain, it's unsurprising that this is making you nervous to go out on your own. Sometimes it's nice to stay within our comfort zones especially when this is hopefully only a short-term problem with your knee surgery coming up.
    We do have a great booklet called independent living with arthritis, which might give you a few more ideas of how you can manage over the next few weeks, you can find a copy here. https://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/what-is-arthritis/resources/220-independent-living-and-arthritis
    unfortunately some doctors who do not have a lot of experience of arthritis are surprised at the amounts and variety of painkillers that we have, as we know sometimes it is necessary to take a variety in order to be able to manage the day. You are by no means a drug addict rather you're just very good at managing your arthritis.
    Best Wishes
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    Hi Sharon
    If it was only my knee I would be able to put up with it and think well come 18th November it will be replaced but its this never pain. I cant stand even with my crutches. I can only put weight on my feet for about 2 minutes and no more.
    By the way I did go out this morning.; Peter took me to our shopping which is large with my scooter....not way can I drive :lol: but left me there for about 2 hours so to all intents and purposes I was on my own until he picked me up to take me home.
    One step forward :wink:
    I will have that book at home.....not the latest I'm sure but at one time I used to go round hospitals keeping the stands filled up so I had a set for myself.
    Then the volunteering changed to Stands in hospital, talks to groups and things like that.
    I'm on our PPG {surgery} and at meetings it surprised me at the
    beginning how little most of them new about arthritis.
    The only thing is......I will do talks about self management, or talk about pacing when people come to the stands but do I do it?????NOPE......do as I say not as I do :oops:
    Thanks for your help. I will take a look at the book online but it will be handy to get my own {even if its not quite the same} to take about in my bag and read.