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Hi all
I have psa
I saw a new rheumatologist a few weeks ago , he sent me for an X-ray but gave me no meds . He said he would review in 4 months and if I still had a stiff back he would do an MRI.
However I've been sent through an MRI appointment I wasn't expecting .
I am really worried now , does this likely mean my X-ray was really bad ?
I am on no meds and my gp surgery have no clue .
Kat x


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    I have had a number of MRIs (I have PsA and OA) and, as I understand things, they give a much clearer image of what is going on thus giving my consultants more information about my conditions. I think this is what your new rheumatologist wants to discover, he wants the latest data on how you are being affected and that can only be a good thing.

    I recognise your name but cannot for the life of me recall why you are not taking any medication: I apologise. DD
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    The key, for me, would be that you are on no meds. Was this your rheumatologist's decision? I think they are just ensuring no consequent damage has been done and, if it has, you can be on meds asap.