Bizarre rheumatology appointment!

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So this week one month in to diagnosis was my first rheumatology follow up appointment. These are with the bilogics nurse apparently.

My boss delayed me getting out for my appointment so I had to rush, then there was no parking anywhere. Finally I found a space in a near by supermarket and had to run to make the time.

I was ushered in to the check up area for tests with ordinary nurse. Blood pressure was done. Oh it's high...really you don't say, this is the morning I've had. Yes but it's high, you can die from heart attack you know. We take again...oh look it's yes...because you've just put me in to a panic by telling me I'm going to die. Hmn....we see what doctor need tablets, you die if not careful.

Saw the biological nurse. No problem, down to earth and helpful. Then blood tests from another of the support nurses.

Hello my name is.....I'm to take blood. OMG you on methotrexate. How you feel? My doctor want to put me on that..I say no way...terrible drug. No way I go on that. Could kill me. How you feel? You very brave taking that!

Oh...sorry I not taken right bloods. Can we do it again. Please don't tell the sister. (I walk out with two arms punctured and sore.

Then up to hospital pharmacy. Waited 30 minutes then...oh sorry..we've had a stock counting error..we don't have any of these (common RA drug) in stock. Can we call you when we get some. No look this is really inconvenient. Can I not get them at my local sorry, issued here so have to be picked up here.

Two days later I go in to collect them...instructions vary hugely from those given in the fact sheet in the clinic. I challenge and am told no,..this is what the script said and I must follow that. Day later I get holding of the RA don't take it like that, the pharmacy are wrong.

I was in the hospital 4 hours, most of it wasted. I ended up with a parking ticket, a lousy headache and a sincere hope this was a one off. Though knowing my hospital I think it is probably par for the course.


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    Good Morning Paleogirl :)

    Well what a saga!

    You couldn't make it up could you?!!!

    Really I hope you never have another visit like that. I think you must have metal of the least informed medical professionals ever in one go!!

    I do have one suggestion if it helps? I have my own BP monitor here at home because I have very low BP generally, but suffer with 'white coat syndrome' and it shoots up whenever anyone medical gets within 50 ft of me! I then know I am not going to die of high BP despite the warnings of those who don't know me.


    Toni xxx
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    That was indeed bizarre. In over 50 years of arthritis and 16 of meth no-one has ever been so unprofessional with my blood tests or BP tests but it is true that untreated high BP is very dangerous. As Toni says, get a cheap BP monitor and do your own if white coat syndrome is a problem.
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    One high BP reading does not a heart attack make....saying things like that is really not at all professional - did the person in question have access to all your recent readings, are they all high, has the GP not noticed - all things that should have been considered before issuing your death sentence! Not forgetting the most obvious one, that often people come in in a rush, or are nervous about the appointment/environment so BP can't help but be raised.
    As for telling horror stories about your drugs....
    Pity you couldn't have had this episode filmed to be used for training purposes... No1 in the series 'How Not To....'
    I do hope that this is the worst it gets, you really don't want any more encounters like that!