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Hi there, just joined, hoping to kind some help and support. Just told I have RSD, realise this is a long term problem with no short fixes, I have it in my left foot, anyone else with the same? Doctor has given me water tablets to try and reduce the swelling so that I can at least get shoes on, if I can do that they can try and lead some kind of normal life. Any help appreciated.


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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am not sure I can help. Many abbreviations abound on here so I have to assume it means something like Repetitive Stress Disorder ? (I apologise if I am wrong but I am not too well at the moment). DD
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    Hi there, shelaghp and welcome from me too :D

    I'm sorry but I'm another who has never heard of RSD so I've no idea what to suggest.

    I have RA in most joints and my ankles were very painful until they fused themselves. They did swell and I did have trouble with shoes. I've had to have surgical ones for many years so mine were always either lace ups or Velcro fastening both of which are quite easy to slacken if the foot can be persuaded to go in in the first place :roll: I'm guessing you'll have to wear good, strong, supportive shoes so this might be a partial solution for you.

    My swelling was always due to inflammation and back then I took anti-inflammatories which helped a lot. I also elevated them whenever possible. I found ankle exercises essential.

    However, it might be that none of this is of any use to you depending on what RSD stands for. It'd really help if you could let us know and also which bits of you it affects (joints? tendons? muscles? nerves?). Not that we're docs :lol: but we might then find it's something we can relate to better.
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    Hi shelaghp
    I have had a bit of a look through our archives and have found this thread for you written by Scampdog who is a current active member. Here's a link to the thread for you
    Scampdog's diagnosis was made after a trapeziectomy. I hope you find it useful
    Best Wishes
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    Hello shelaghp
    And a warm welcome form me , sorry I am another that hasn't heard of RSD, but I see our Sharon has come up with a link for you..hope it helps..
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    Hello and welcome from me too :D

    As far as I'm concerned pain is pain so we're all in this together.

    I also hadn't heard of RSD but followed the link and you have all my sympathy. Medication wise did the Dr give you anti-inflammatories and pain killers as well as the water tablets?

    My only suggestions are to try to cool it down a little that helps those of us with inflammatory arthritides and maybe gentle range of movement exercises?

    We have had many threads about shoes over the years so it might be worth putting shoes into the search box???

    I hope you will find the forums as helpful as I have.


    Toni xxx