Big toe fusion

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Hi all I am a postman and am due for a big toe fusion in 2 weeks on Saturday my question is how long would I be looking at for being off work my boss said about 4 weeks I don't drive I bike everywere and I walk about 8 to 10 miles a day doing my round any advice would be appreciated many thanks


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    Hi krugger59
    there does seem to be quite a lot of variation from hospital to hospital regarding recovery time so my best suggestion is to ask your consultant. Having said that Guys and St Thomas' have a very comprehensive guide that maybe useful to look at generally. However I can't stress enough that the best person to give you the information will be the hospital you are going to.
    I hope things go well for you, please keep us updated.
    Best Wishes
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    Hi there,

    I've not had this operation though I've had other orthopaedic surgery. Your boss's estimate of four weeks sounds highly optimistic to me. One way of completely ruining orthopaedic surgery is to try to rush the recovery.

    Please read the leaflet Sharon referred you to and then ask your surgeon what he thinks. Do make sure he knows what your job is when asking about returning to work.

    I hope it goes really well for you.
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    Good luck with the surgery and I think Stickywicket is right - four weeks doesn't sound long enough for a job where you are walking so much
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    Not had a toe fusion but a operation on my foot to release a trapped nerve, file down bones & get rid of all the rubbish through OA. I had stitiches, foot well strapped & the big black shoe. For the first 2 weeks had to rest with foot & knee well supported for most of the day. Once the stitches were out another 4 weeks with the shoe & gradually down to 1 crutch so it was a long recovery. Also Physio for 6 weeks to get the foot & ankle strong again. Good luck with your op
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    You poor thing - you are so in the wrong job for someone about to have a foot operation!! It's all walking isn't it?

    I would have thought a good bit more than 4 weeks. You won't see your consultant for your pots-op until 6 weeks :? Usually you ask then.

    Your boss is probably wondering how long they'll have to cover for you.

    Best of luck with your operation

    Toni xxx
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    I'm due to have the same operation as you on the 30th November and I was told as I was booking a holiday for January that 6 weeks is a good recovery time. So it all depends on how long you can keep off it as you have to keep the foot raised above your head for a few weeks to help the toe from swelling for a start!! So if you behave yourself and do as your consultant says to the letter you will be fine. Hope it goes well and we will have to compare toes after we have it done!! :lol: