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Hi everyone, my name is Keri. I have 2 children aged 14 and 5 (I know, what was I thinking!) Haha! I have a wonderful husband, who helps me endlessly and brilliant family and friends who I'd struggle to get by without. I have a dog, Alfie, who's the best! I used to work in accounts before I began with RA. I no longer work so Alfie is a great companion!


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    Welcome to the forum, I am sure you will find support, advice, light relief and friendship here. There are lots of people here with RA and they are all very empathic and helpful.

    I am one of the moderation team, we all have one or more arthritis 'hangers on' or look after family members with the same.

    If you need help with the technicalities of the forum just get in touch via a personal message.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Keri, welcome to the forums

    You'll find eveyone here very supportive and is a good place to have a rant, as we all understand and won't judge you.

    Good to hear you got a great support network in family and friends, as it can be at times difficult to get across to others how you feel on a day to day basis coping with arthirits.


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