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After two rather woe-is-me posts I thought I'd rather do a more positive one.

So, which aids do people find helpful?
Has anyone found a tin opener that doesn't make your fingers drop off?

I've got a hippychick hip seat which is secured round your waist and then youngest sits on the little seat rather than on your hip (saves you standing at a wonky angle).
I've got a seat for the bath and taps with levers are brilliant too.

Anyone else?


  • stickywicket
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    An electric tin opener. Relatively cheap, last forever, no fingers involved. And an electric jar opener too.
  • ichabod6
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    . A sock puller-on-er.
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    Even though I don't have children and don't wear socks I hope this helps. My useful aids are cordless vacuums, an induction hob plus hide-and-slide oven door, a K*rch*r window vac and learning how to use our inherited dishwasher. Oh, and a rollator and, recently, a mobility scooter. DD
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    Plugs with grips fitted or grips to fit on plugs so it's easier to pull the plug from the socket.

    I also use a very lightweight travel hairdryer as the ordinary ones are too heavy.

    Like DD I'm in love with my super light cordless vac!
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    An electric tin opener, a light cordless vacuum cleaner and a shopping trolley.
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    Hi jenzie06,
    what a lovely post and super idea to share helpful aids. My personal favourite is my helping hand with a magnet on the end as I'm forever dropping things on the floor
    Best wishes