Off Triple Therapy

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So they started me on triple therapy with hydroxycholquinine. Methotrexate and sulfasalizine.

Unfortunately I reacted to all but the methotrexate though I'm still on a build up dose of this. I'm really worried that I've damaged my chances of putting the RA in remission and keep wondering if I should have persevered but the RA nurse says it's just unfortunate and they will be looking at a plan B in December

Bit worried I won't be able to tolerate anything!


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    Hi paleogirl
    I can understand your concern, but as Sharon says there are other options still.
    In the meantime you might want, for a bit of light relief, to look at the Tripe Therapy thread - if nothing else it will give you a flavour of the somewhat, shall we say, eccentric view of things in Arthritica. I'm sorry I'm not good at finding and posting links etc, but if you use search it may come up. Otherwise wisewoman Sticky may pick up on this and oblige.
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    Here I am, on cue, daffy. I had forgotten about our miraculous tripe therapy thread. I've just re-read the first page and, yes, it was fun and so many people got involved.

    Paleogirl, for your amusement at a time when you could probably use some amusement (What is arthritic life without laughs?), here it is:
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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