So annoyed with work!

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I really need to let off steam and have a good goes.

So I mentioned to my line manager that I have a physio appointment at my local hopsital on the 16th of this month (this is the only good news, as the time from GP to refferal to appointment was 2 weeks), I was then informed that for hospital appointments your only allowed TWO HOURS from work to not only attend the appointment, but also to travel to and from hospital.

I was then told that i have to make up the extra lost time for me leaving 1 hour early to make my way on the day of my appointment, and it felt like I had NO say in this.

Just when i thought my employer was finally seeing sense, this happens! For all I know, my appointment could overrun, be delayed for whatever reason (which often happens with the NHS), and I get the impression I will have to make up further lost time if this happens.

And as this is only my first appointment, what will they say if I need follow up appointments, that go one for serveral weeks/months.

Needless to say I will calling UNITE tomorrow when I get into work.


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    I can understand your frustration especially as further appointments might be necessary. Unfortunately, I think it all depends on the terms of your contract. Normal practice seems to be that time is allowed off for health appointments but it will not be paid. . I hope your union can give better news.

    Incidentally, two weeks is very speedy for a physio appointment. When I last needed physio, a few months ago, there was a 10 week waiting list. I got it down to three by taking a cancellation.

    Good luck with the union.
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    Thanks for the comments, had a look at my contract and nothing is mentioned, but it seems it is standard practice at my works for a 2 hour allowance for hospital appointments.

    My biggest worry is if I do need further physio appointments lasting several weeks or more (my last physio I had 2 years ago was for a total of six weeks), what will my works say/do.

    I called Unite today at work, and am just waiting for them to call back and see what they say.
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    I'm very new to the forum, so I hope you don't mind me weighing in here, but I wanted to offer my support.

    Surely if there's nothing in your contract about hospital appointments or anything, then they can't possibly enforce it?! I know that contracts aren't really worth the paper they're written on, but if the 'rule' isn't actually officially noted anywhere then how can they enforce it?

    Sometimes we could easily get to our appointments and back in two hours, but sometimes it takes longer for the reasons you mentioned. I'm currently having hydrotherapy and I'm in the pool for an hour and it takes me over half an hour to get dressed, so I wouldn't stand a chance of getting back to work in two hours.

    I hope you hear back from your union soon and they can help you with this.

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