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I was diagnosed with arthritis last year - in my Coccyx and Sacroiliac Joint mainly, but also in other joints.

When I was told by the Dr, I didn't actually get told ... by the Dr! I received a call from the surgery with my x-ray results, from the receptionist telling me I had arthritis. She then told me she had it too, and that you just deal with it.

Since then ... my way of dealing with it has been yoga, exercise and homeopathic. This is mainly due to me not being informed that there is potentially medication that I could be taking to assist with pain and stiffness.

This past week I have been in excessive pain. Unable to sit for any real amount of time, sleeping is just as bad, and I am currently sitting here with a hot water bottle strapped on my back.

So my question is ... should I be going to the Dr asking for some further help/info on exactly what I should be doing? Is there medication I should be on? I feel really let down by them having just read up from the Arthritis Website.

thoughts ...


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    Hi Dianawdmw001,
    welcome to the forum, it sounds as though you've had rather a difficult time recently living with pain is extremely difficult. There is presently another person on the forum who also has arthritis in the coccyx and sacroiliac joint here is a link to their thread,

    It seems a terrible shame that you received your diagnosis from the receptionist and therefore did not receive support or treatment from your doctor. I would certainly recommend that you make an appointment to see your doctor and discuss the possibility of pain treatment and other forms of supportive treatment such as physio. Quite a lot of people on the forums use heat such as a heat pad, or cold, such as a ice pack on painful joints, this might help a little bit too.

    We do have a comprehensive booklet on living with pain which you might find useful here is a link
    the forum members are extremely experienced with living with arthritis and I'm sure they will be able to offer you some other suggestions. Please let us know how you get on, and keep us up-to-date.
    Best wishes
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    Absolutely you should be going back to the GP. My former practice (I've just moved house and I'm not acquainted with the new on yet) never allowed receptionists to tell the patients anything. Either I got a letter from the doc or, if urgent, a phone call.

    If you follow Sharon's link there is a lot of info about how we can help ourselves and, with OA, which it sounds as if yours is, there are no meds specifically to slow the progress. Anti-inflammatories reduce swelling and inflammation (and so pain also) and painkillers allegedly :roll: kill the pain but only up to a point.

    The yoga and exercise you have been doing will both help (if done carefully) but you'll be very lucky if you can get by with no meds at all.

    I'd say go back to the doc and explain what you've told us. You'll probably be given an anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen or naproxen) and, if you've to take it regularly, ask about a stomach-protecting med too as they are harsh on the stomach. Personally, I'd also be inclined to ask politely if it was normal to just give patients results via receptionists with no suggestion as to what they should do next as you found it upsetting and confusing.

    Good luck and please let us know how you get on.
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    I agree with Sticky's post, I definitely think you should make an appointment to see your GP and chat over the options re medications etc. with him. My GP deals with my OA with pain relief, thanks to the meds prescribed by my rheumatologist for my auto-immune arthritis I very rarely need an anti-inflammatory med but I do have them to hand should they be required. I wish you well and please let us know how you get on. DD
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    How dare she,she had no right to say that to you,not in her remit,make an appointment to see your GP as soon as possible.
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    How long have you been with this doctor? That is a dreadful way to work.

    If I have a test of any sort I ring up and ask if they {receptionist} has got the result yet. She either says yes the result is through or no we haven't got the results yet. I then make an appointment to see the GP or leave it for a while until the results are through. That's all they are allowed to tell me.

    That must be awful pain to cope with...Coccyx and Sacroiliac Joint. I've had 2 hip replacements, going in in less than 2 weeks to have a knee replacement I've got OA all over. I haven't had arthritis in my coccyx and SI joint but I damaged it one time falling. It lasted for about a month and was really sore. I have a downstairs toilet and couldn't even get to that. I used my scooter {which isn't meant for indoors :lol: } to get me there.

    So like the others say make an appointment with your GP, possibly even ask for a referral to the hospital to check it out. What kind of arthritis is it etc. If its OA yes its the GP that will prescribe medicines for you.
    Check all the links Sharon has given you.
    Do you have an Arthritis Care branch anywhere close to you?
    Mine is about 20 mins drive away but it is worth going to. It is a blessing.

    Let us know how you get on
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    Firstly let me say that the response from your GP practice was unacceptable. It might be worth contacting your local PALs organisation if you have one. It is a soft way of complaining without going down to the full formal complaint route.

    I have OA in coccyx and sacroiliac joint which ironically I had for years prior to being diagnosed with RA. My mum has recently been diagnosed with OA in the sameness place. Whilst there is no specific medication to treat it, you should be receiving proper advice on pain control etc.

    Your experience is not uncommon however. Sad to say many in the medical profession are guilty of just shrugging pain in the back off as tiresome but not worth bothering with. I was seen by Bristol Spinal Unit who were just as guilty! The pain however can be excruciating. I have also found acupuncture from a proper medical acupuncturist to be useful in helping release the inevitablely tight muscles that accompany it and which are often a source of a significant amount of the pain