Pre-op coming up soon!

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I have my pre-op booked for 16th November can't believe it is coming round so quick! Have to admit the Operation can't come soon enough as my foot is really giving me a lot of pain lately. So all pocket duties are welcome for the 16th November!!


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    Hi bubbadog
    the moderator team will be there
    Best Wishes
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    Hope it all goes well, bubbadog. Not long to wait now.
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    Hi Bubba
    Not long now.......I've had mine not long ago and am counting the days now.
    About 12 days before the operation.
    The only thing is they have changed the days or times.
    The last I heard was 7am on the 18th. If they would only keep it at that
    I'll be in your pocket. Think of me 2 days later {18th} having my TKR :wink: