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Hello. I'm new to this and have just spent an hour reading lots of really helpful posts. My question is around trying to manage doing anything with wrist pain. In brief, I'm 46 and have OA in my right knee (grade 3 and 4) and in both my wrists and fingers. I'm sure I have it in other places too as I'm in pain with stiffness. I also have an autoimmune disease which means i can't take any anti inflammatory medication. My worst pain is my wrists and on a bad day I struggle to drive, to write, to open a can etc. I still work full time but some days I honestly just want to lay in bed. It feels as though it hurts to do everything!!! The only medication that I'm prescribed is coming Co codamol. What do other people do to manage wrist pain?? Thanks :-)


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    Hi Kew and welcome to the forum,sorry you are in pain hope you enjoy the forums and get the answers you need,All the forums are good so just choose one you like and get the help you need.Everyone is helpful and careing and kind.
    All the best :autumn-sun:
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    Hi there kew and welcome from me too.

    That all sounds very difficult to juggle with. I remember wrist pain (Mine have fused themselves) with no affection whatever. It was horrible and so difficult to get any respite from. I also started with arthritis (RA) in my fingers so can relate to that too.

    Given your auto-immune disease have you ever seen a rheumatologist to ensure yours is OA and not some auto-immune form of arthritis? GPs sometimes do a simple blood test to check for RA but a negative result doesn't necessarily mean yours is OA.

    If you click on the 'managing arthritis' tab above lots of useful info comes up though, with OA, it is essentially a matter of pain relief (there are lots of different kinds) and exercises. A good diet and healthy weight helps too.

    There are lots of gadgets around to help with everyday tasks. I'd be lost without my electric can opener and jar opener. Lots of these things are 'mainstream' but, to get an idea of what's available, try any disability store.
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