A senior moment

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Last night was just going to have a shower bathroom is nice and warm so I put my PJs on the radiator had said shower dried off and started to get dressed when I looked at the radiator theres my PJs I had got dressed again :shock: :lol:


  • Megrose2
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    I can empathise with this, Mig. It reminds me of the many times I have gone into the bedroom to change for an evening out somewhere, only to find myself putting on my pyjamas!
  • theresak
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    Oh yes - it all sounds very familiar!!
  • Airwave!
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    Good grief! I didn't realise that pyjamas had such an affect on senior ladies, must tell madam to be more careful, she's getting near that age.

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    Thankyou Mig this make me feel much better.. :lol::lol: