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Hi all sorry if this sounds a bit daft but I have a PIP assessor coming round to my house this week and I have no idea what to expect so can someone tell me what to expect?, also what questions will they ask?, for example do they ask you what you need the payment for and things like that?.
That said I'm still a bit stunned that they are doing a house visit I expected them to ask me to go to them, I did receive a letter the other week saying they would contact the likes of my GP and the GIST Surgeon so I guess they must have spoken to them and decided a visit was best, medically have arthritis in both kneecaps and neck and associated neuropathic pain and was retired due to the severity in 2012, however this summer was was diagnosed with a very rare form of stomach cancer and had major surgery in August so maybe that's why they are coming to me.


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    Thanks I was getting worked my post would sink out of site without being replied to.
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    Hi Mell
    Sorry I haven't been in LWA for a while..just got bogged down with everything..sorry I cant offer any advice but I am sure other will be watching and hoping you post your experience on here..it is all so new since it changed from DLA..good luck with it all..
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    You lucky thing!! I got my letter Saturday Morning saying I had an assessment/one to one at an office in the middle of Birmingham on the day before my operation!
    I have no way of getting there as my OH has already taken a couple of days off for my Operation and it's too dangerous for me to use public transport on my own in my chair. I've rang CAPTIA and spoken to one of there staff explain everything and told them the couple of times I've had to be assessed they came to my home.
    The chap said he couldn't find a free spot for a home assessment in the next couple of weeks so has sent a request for me to have a home assessment but he can't guarantee I'll get one, I'll know in the next 48hrs. So that's more stress for me on top of mountain of stress I already have!! :(
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    I hope it went well Mell for you.

    It will be the cancer which got you a home visit Lucy's was at home too and rightly so as the risk of you picking up an infection is too high!


    Toni xxx