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It is now 2 weeks since I had my TKR and am just after a bit of advice..

My wound just won't stop bleeding - I have been back to hospital 3 times to have my dressing changed and am back again tomorrow as it is still bleeding. I had my staples out on Friday and the wound is fine with no infection - just this minor problem. I just wonder if this is normal as I don't know anyone who has had one done.

I just feel it's a bit catch 22 because I am being told to move a lot and do my excercises but the more I do the more it bleeds. The hospital weren't too concerned so it made me think maybe this is normal.




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    Hi Sharon

    Thanks for your reply. The doctor now thinks it may be an infection so has put me on antibiotics- fingers crossed it will start healing now.

    I am still doing my excercises every day and keeping it moving so let's hope it gets better and better.

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    Glad things are improving for you, Tracey, and well done on ensuring you got the right advice. Doing the exercises is so important after a TKR but, if it was bleeding a lot, I can well understand your hesitation. I hope all goes smoothly from now on.