Methotrexate & Simpsoni

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Hi all,

I have just taken my 2nd injection of golimumbab - Simponi

Visited Rhumy last Monday. General well we'll see how we go on on this biologic etc see you again in 6 months.

Received a letter from him today wanting to add methotrxtrate into the mix. To help my body to stop resisting the biologic. As a sort of combination therapy!

Anyone else do any similar ?

Never had methotrexate before :cry:

Thanks in advance. X


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    In my hospital it's standard practice to support a biologic with methotrexate, I take injected meth in addition to humira and have done for a number of years. DD
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    Thank you DD - any side effects ? X
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    For some years I took azathiroprine in gradually
    decreasing tablet dosage in addition to injectinig
    humira .
    At my last interview with my consultant rheumatologist
    she agreed that I need not take it any more so I now just
    inject the humira on a fortnightly basis.
    I have no side effects at all with or without the
    azathiroprine, and confirm that humira
    has been the bright spot in my ongoing spat with ra.
    A bonus, in my particular situation, is that the humira also
    blasts my other lnflamatory condition, crohns disease.
  • dreamdaisy
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    No side effects at all apart from the occasional bout of extreme tiredness the day after the meth - I stress occasional. DD
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    Hello Lynnmarie
    I inject Methotrexate on a Monday and inject Enbrel which is a biologic on a Wednesday. I am only 7 weeks into Enbrel but so far all good and no side effects. I get side effects from sulpha and hydroxyechlorcin tablets and consultant has stopped these. Good luck. Everyone reacts differently but this forum is such a great help and could not get by without it as there is so much support and information.