Will anything work for me???

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Bit of a moan really.

Diagnosed in early October, put on triple therapy but have been allergic to all three drugs. As of today have been taken off everything while they wonder what to do. Was given steroid jab that accelerated the disease instead of easing it too.

Nothing has worked to stop the disease. I'm in considerable pain as the disease rages on. I woke up overnight with it and they told me they think it's a highly aggressive form.

I am now worried nothing will stop it and feeling a bit depressed as I read how well it's worked for others (though glad of course that it has)

My nan was diagnosed at the same age and was in a wheel chair a year later :(


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    I really hope so I do

    I am so sorry you haven't been helped easily and think a moan is fair enough in the circumstances.

    Hang on in there - the good news is there are far more treatment options than in your Nan's day.

    Take care of yourself((()))


    Toni xxx
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    It is really scary, but there are all kinds of meds out there so please don't despair yet. Like you my grandma had RA and was crippled by it, but back in the day the only option was aspirin which also wrecked her digestive system.....I count myself remarkably lucky to have been diagnosed in a time when there are so many options. I can't take many of the options because I have lung issues, but there is still stuff to try and new drugs are being researched and coming on stream.

    Deb x
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    What the others are saying is true. Hang on in there. Things will get better. Your Nan's experience is largely irrelevant. Things were far different then. I've seen enormous changes in the understanding and treatment just in my years with the disease.

    How are you feeling today?
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    which drugs did they try , methotrexate tends to work better with less or no side effects when they give you folic acid 5mg six days a week , sulfasalazine tends to be easier to take & been on both drugs for 18 & 20 years

    tried this year leflunomide which is helping alot & hydroxychloroquine which I had a alergic reaction to

    they may try you on some of the biologics , like tocilizumab or the one I am on Rituximab , it takes time to get RA under control but they should find a solution , dont worry to much about work at the moment , & and as others said treatment has changed alot even since I developed RA & hope they can help you soon
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    In meds terms you are on the 'nursery slopes' - it can take some time to find which med or combination of meds suits each individual, sometimes the side effects wear off but for that to happen perseverance needs to occur and that is daunting in itself. In my years I have tried meth (tablet and injection), leflunomide, sulphasalazine, cyclosporine, Celebrex and naproxen and the anti TNF's infliximab, Enbrel and humira. I have always worked on the assumption that I won't get side-effects (and generally I don't) but I have had a lifetime of taking meds and know they are a permanent feature of life as I have to live it.

    These are very early days for you so don't panic, the good news is that you have had an early and accurate diagnosis and that usually presages a better outcome. DD
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