Frightening night - anyone else had horrid palpitations

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Hi, hope everyone is doing fine.

Wonder if anyone has had similar to this.

had a really scary night last night. All was fine until I was going to bed at 11:00pm when I started getting palpitations. Nothing too unusual there. But they just continued on and on all through the night. They eventually quietened down about 6:00am. My poor heart feels like it's ran a massive race.

I was in half a mind to call the ambulance but I didn't have any other symptoms. So no shortness of breath or faintness.

I had a very stressful day on Thursday and had been on my feet all day at the classic car show yesterday before coming home and trying to do some exercise.

I'm just wondering if I over did it. My disease is aggressive but not controlled at the moment and I have had to be taken off any medication as Ive reacted to it all. So waiting for them to come up with a plan.

Has anyone else found this types of thing happen when they over do it?


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    Oh dear, that sounds really scary, hope that you're feeling better today. I can't say that my disease has ever made me feel that way but when I took tramadol it made my heart race horribly, and too many puffs of my ventolin for asthma can do the same. I do wonder whether you would be wise to get it checked out.......I'm sure that a paramedic would have checked you over and reassured you.

    Deb x
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    Yes, that would be very scary but due to the RA? I'd doubt it. I've never had anything like that and I don't recall other forum members mentioning it.

    You sound to have had a very hard, stressful day which might account for it and the stress will certainly not help your arthritis.

    As Deb says, if you are worried about it get it checked out with a medic.

    I hope last night was better.
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    Not everything we experience can be laid at the door of arthritis, ill health or odd things will continue to appear every now and again regardless of the fact we're already dealing with Ra, PsA, AS, OA or whatever. I did have the occasional racing heart but that was due to drinking the wrong tea at 10pm, I now ensure I have a decaff or herbal and it doesn't happen. DD
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    It is very disconcerting when they happen. I get them quite frequently, ectopic beats. Generally they are quite harmless and nothing to worry about, my Cardio Consultant is not concerned, just says, they do make you feel a bit strange, but having seen my ECG when they are happening he is not worried.

    I would mention it to your GP, if they carry on and or you get pain with them. They would do a resting ECG at the surgery. If you do feel in discomfort at all, then don't hesitate to ask for the paramedics to attend, they won't mind at all. Sometimes some deep breathing can alleviate them, in for 5 out for 7, a few times, just slows things down a bit.

    Tea and moreso coffee can start them off, as can certain drugs like ventolin.

    Keep us posted Take care XX Aidan
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