Pre-Op cancelled lack of Staff!!

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Well half an hour ago I got a phone call from the Alex Hospital to say they would have to cancel my Pre-Op appointment due to lack of staff and they would do a phone Pre-Op assessment tomorrow morning, which is the first time I've ever heard of that!! :?

Then I had to call the hospital Transport (who had just 5 minutes earlier text me to say they where on their way!) to say I had to cancel them. I felt awful telling them as it must have been annoying to hear that.

So your lovely pocket duties can be transferred to the 30th November (if it stills go ahead!!) if you don't mind?


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    Lucy had her pre-op about 4 weeks ahead of her operation, but had a phone one, as well, the day before. I think it's saving them time probably.

    30th November it is then ;)


    Toni xxx
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    A home pre-op sounds like a very civilised response to a difficult problem. I do hope it goes well.

    As for hospital transport – late cancellations are the least of their problems. When I had to use them, before Mr SW retired, it was not at all uncommon for them to find patients either still in bed or, indeed, out :shock: It's a much abused service so one less patient on their schedule will probably have pleased them.
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    I just wonder how they do a phone one..what about the ECG. bloods and swabs.but has long as your op goes to plan..wishing you well with it all..
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    Hello Bubba, how did the telephonic pre-op go? I think as patients we tend to forget that front-line staff are dealing with unhealthy people throughout the year but come the autumn / winter this is exacerbated. I have no doubt that this will come as a huge surprise to the government. :roll: Anyhoo, I hope you have received the go-ahead for the procedure. DD
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