Cervical Disc Replacement Update

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Hi All, I haven't been on the forum for a while and so it is nice to visit again!

I had surgery booked in October to remove my displaced artificial disc in my neck but after discussion with my consultant it was postponed as it was feeling less painful. This lasted for nearly three weeks and now I feel the timing couldn't have been worse. My neck and arm pain are really awful again and I so wish I had had the surgery done.

I saw my consultant yesterday who was very thorough as always. The x-rays show that the misplaced disc (which moved considerably three weeks after it was inserted in my neck) is fusing at the back which now makes it much more difficult to remove. I have been listed for surgery again to have it removed and fused but it may have to remain with a plate attached to stabilise it. However, I have been booked for a CT scan as she is concerned about what is going on and there may be no surgery at all. I now have to wait a few weeks to find out.

I was also presented with the risks which were pretty scary and she said the risks are much higher for me. I feel I want to accept the risks as my life is so limited by this and she is happy to go ahead, CT result pending of course.

I was also alarmed to discover that my neck is riddled with arthritis - I haven't seen this before as the focus has been on this one disc. I have been told that my neck will always be exceptionally stiff although I have to say that this doesn't really bother me as it is the arm pain which is so debilitating.

So that is where I am at the moment. Sorry I haven't been on here to support others, I do look in from time to time but I am very limited with using a keyboard and haven't managed to get the voice recognition software to work on my pc.


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    No need to say sorry we all do what and when we can,sending some hugs (((()))) Mig
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    I'm sorry to read this, rayray. You are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, aren't you? Spine's are tricky things and spinal surgery isn't always as helpful as one would hope. One thing though – please don't beat yourself up about not having the op earlier. Pain and damage don't always coincide and maybe the difficulties of having the op now would still have been there earlier.

    You have a difficult choice. Do get all the info you can from your docs.
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    Gosh I do feel for you, but dont apologize we all go missing for all sorts of reason...I am glad you have made it back then at least you can talk to us all...I do wish you well for the future..and please keep us updated when you can x
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    Thanks for your replies. A waiting game for me now.
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    Never any need to apologise for being AWOL.

    Right now it's you who needs the support while you play the waiting game as you put it.

    Take care and I hope the CT comes through very soon.


    Toni xxx