The brain's gone

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For once, not mine.

My washing machine withstood its move to Scotland very well, worked for two weeks then took early retirement. Amazingly, it still had two months of its guarantee left. Not so amazingly, they couldn't send anyone for 10 days.

So, yesterday morning, at 8.15am the man duly arrived to mend it. And stayed for over an hour. When I remarked on how long it was taking he replied “Yes. It seemed to be an electrical fault but I think its brain's gone.” I immediately experienced a surge of fellow-feeling towards my poor washer.

Anyway, eventually, the engineer did a test run and left, we put some washing in the machine and forgot about it – until it started pinging some 15 minutes in. Investigation showed it to be proclaiming not 'time remaining' but an Error Number. Another brain gone!

The man came again at 8am this morning. It's 8.50 and he's still here.


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    In this last year we had to buy a new fridge freezer ,a new washer and a iron which dropped to pieces as I was using it.Mig
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    I was going to say join the club mine went years ago..washing machine used to be so easy to mend , till they came up with the electronic panels ..the thank goodness yours is guaranteed..they cost a fortune..hope its washing away soon..
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    And then he came back at lunchtime when it conked again.

    He said yesterday was probably his fault as he'd programmed it for a dual intake whereas it only takes cold water in.

    This time he stayed to watch it. I'd put a few bits in on a short programme. It was fine. So, as they were cotton bits, I then used the better spin cycle. No problem.

    So I put another load in and it conked again.

    Same error code even with the new 'brain'. This is beginning to sound like our old boiler before we moved. We got to know all the British Gas engineers. Finally, after many visits, it turned out our boiler was lying. It displayed one error code whereas, in fact, it was a different problem :roll:
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    Oh dear Sticky. Looks like your washing machine hasn't taken the move very well.

    A number of years ago a good friend of mine had lots of problems with her washing machine. Countless engineer visits, broken promises of parts being ordered/fitted but not actually happening, then made her slightly lose the plot when the engineer did return.

    She settled said engineer in her kitchen with a cuppa, the biscuit tin, newspaper and then popped outside. She moved her car so she blocked the engineer in. :!: Returned to her kitchen and rang the company putting the engineer very quickly on the phone so he could tell them he was fine and being well looked after! Within an hour she'd had a manager promise her a complete fix within 24 hours, had received an abject apology for the poor service, the engineer finished his tea, complimented her on her home made cakes (by then he'd made himself at home!) and he left to go on his merry way.

    The following day same engineer returned with part - and fixed her machine. All parties concerned were delighted.

    Now I'm not suggesting for one minute anyone should do what my friend did but she got results!

    I hope your machine is better soon Sticky.

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    Hhmmmm years ago I would have had the machine to bits and fitted a new motor or whatever, madams Dyson went up the creek the other day and she went straight off to the Dyson engineer leaving me out if the equasion, aaaahh peace and quiet! Our steam iron went t#@s up last week and madam went out and got a new one, do you think shes learning?

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    Grace, that's a terrific solution and I wish I had your friend's courage. Mind you, our engineer is a very nice chap. It's just the machine isn't playing by the rules.

    He's coming again on Tuesday. It's happy with 30 degrees but refuses to work at 40. It has attitude.

    Airwave, I too tend to go cold when my husband offers to fix something. It can get very expensive :wink: