New Pre-Op booked, P.I.P assessment completed!!

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Well had another phone call from Thursday afternoon to say new date for Pre-Op assessment, 23rd November 2.30pm so even more pocket duties if okay?
And had my P.I.P assessment on Thursday, it went better than expected. Her name was Amanda and she had cats as well so that broke the ice. There where a lot of questions and I also had to do a physical which I did my best with and the assessor was shocked at my poor movement. She said before she left I can't tell you if you will get it or not but all I will say is don't worry. She had a good bed side manner. Just got to wait now, she said it will take up to 5 weeks.


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    Fingers crossed for you Bubba and Im ready for pocket duties. Mig
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    Yup. Me too :)
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    Good that the PIP is done and dusted. Hopefully all will be well.

    23rd it is then :)
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    count me in bubba and fingers crossed all goes well with the op and pip..x
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    I'll be in your pockets Wednesday. Hope it goes well.

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