I've lost my sense of humour.

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I am sure this is a temporary 'fault' but it's happened.

I have lost count of how many weeks things have been more challenging than usual, it feels like a lifetime but I know it isn't. I had proper 'flu, and did what I could to keep the house running, then when I was getting better he went down with summat and was very poorly so wore me out, then he thanked me by going back to work too early. Yet again last night we were early to bed but I wasn't too bothered because I was feeling better.

I had plans for today (because I thought I was feeling better) but they lasted until 10.30am. I managed to do the basics and, on returning home, asked Mr DD to make me a cuppa (having acknowledged that he was working at home so may be too busy :wink: ). He did but along with a lecture about not overdoing things because you think you are doing better.

How very dare he. Idiot. Moron. Twerp. DD


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    Don't forget DD men are really little boys that got far too big for their britches
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    mig wrote:
    Don't forget DD men are really little boys that got far too big for their britches

    I can vouch for that :mrgreen:
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    Breathe in.........

    and polish this

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    I've had look for it here DD (your sense of humour) but nope - it's not here. You must still have it after all. :lol:

    As for Mr DD, even though he's possibly exasperating at times, you love him just as he is. We all know that! Give him a hug (assuming he's germ-free) :sick-in-bed: and treasure him.

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    Now if you'd been a man you'd have taken the cuppa and been able to screen out the 'advice'...vive la difference - and at least you did get the tea.
    I expect your sense of humour is tucked into a corner somewhere dark and quiet to recover from the prolonged demands that have been made of it recently.
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    It got worse.

    On Saturday we ordered my Christmas present (from him which I've paid for) via John Lewis. He had investigated said item (which is a shiny white radio) in the brochure which came with the Saturday papers and on-line as he read about it. It arrived at the local Waitrose on Sunday but I didn't collect it until yesterday. We agreed that it wold be sensible to get it out of the box and connect it to se if it worked OK then it could be put away until the day itself. I unpacked it, found it a home in the kitchen but couldn't be bothered to go any further because I was so tired (the kind of tired where you feel sick). In order to find it a home I moved another radio (which we've had for over six years) and put that on the island behind the taps: a small, brown fake wood covered effort. I left my shiny white one in its place on the bookshelf, complete with its remote control.

    He came down around 2pm for a cuppa and immediately headed towards the old radio on the island, one he's used on a frequent basis. 'Wow! Is this it? It looks good!' :|

    Today I can find it funny (as indeed it was) but yesterday? Not a chance. DD

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