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I'm probably not going to be around much for the next 4 weeks or so,
Nothing especially exciting, and more importantly nothing sinister or worrying but I've just got a lot going on at the present, and as usual when I had all these plans a few months/weeks ago I once again forgot to factor in arthritis et al.
On top of work (busy) , and the weather (yuk), I'm busy with craft related bits, two craft fairs over the next two weekends, I have a display to organise for a local pop-up shop and also plan and deliver an "inspirational " talk on my jewellery making and disability and try and keep on top of everything else such as my website!

By the way can I just put in a plug for sites where you can buy handcrafted items ( as well as local markets), as an alternative to the more usual shops, real or on-line. Any purchase however small is always valued by a crafter or designer-maker.


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    Crikey, I'm knackered just reading about your next few weeks Slosh!

    Try not to overdo things please. Not worth the payback. Hope the craft fairs go well. I'm sure your talk will be inspirational. (Perhaps you could slide in a mention of the site - might be a good promotional opportunity).

    Take care of yourself and let us know how things go.

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    There's an ad on TV for NotontheHighStreet so with any luck that will raise awareness of alternatives to the big names.
    I spent a tempting half hour on Saturday in an art and craft shop that has just opened up in town. The owner has set a 30 mile radius limit on his suppliers so he can get to know them and be certain of the provenance of what he's selling. A good eclectic mix of items, sensibly priced, and many that were of interest to me as being postable.
    Good luck with your various activities Slosh and hope the arthritis doesn't get in the way too much.
  • Slosh
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    I am going to be sensible, I turned down several invites to craft fairs for this reason including one at Foyles! They are all local, and I have help arranged for unloading and reloading my stock.
    I will be mentioning Arthritis Care and the forum, and I'm quite flattered that my story is now on the website.
    Rest sessions planned in.
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    I often look at Not on the Highstreet but if you go direct to the shop itself online you will find it cheaper. I did this with DD's tea and it was about 1/3rd less.

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    Good for you slosh..I love craft fair and have recently bought 2 unusual presents for my Gd's..hope you do really well...x
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    Thanks, I really enjoy the atmosphere at them too. I make origami inspired jewellery. I sell online so if anyone wants a look pm me.
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    You sound to be amazingly and, I hope, enjoyably busy, Slosh. I hope it all goes really well for you.