Some advise please (RA Related)

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So I woke up this morning with a slightly swollen elbow and have lost even more range of movement in the joint, now only have about 50% left. There is no pain even when pressed. I've only been on the methotrexate for 5 weeks. Should I be concerned by this?
I feel great compared to how I felt about 6 weeks ago just this pesky elbow concerning me. Would this be the kind of thing I need to ring the Rheumatology Nurse about? They did say ring if I had any problems buy not sure if its a problem with only being on the methotrexate for a short while.



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    We are not docs nor, indeed, medics of any kind so please take what I write with a pinch of salt.

    My experience of RA is that new bits join in all the time. Any time. They don't ask permission or sound a fanfare to announce their arrival.

    But, is it a new bit kicking in? It might be. No pain is good but a bit unusual. However, I'd doubt it's meth-related except insofar as the meth is not working fully yet so might not have done much to prevent a newly-emerging area from emerging.

    Maybe you just slept on it oddly or tweaked it or something. To be frank, if it were me, I'd just monitor it for a while, keep taking it, gently, through its full range of movement, keep a diary, take pics of any swelling and see how it goes. Plan B, the helpline, will still be there and you'll have more info for them to judge by.

    Mind you, I just hope it disappears as stealthily and quickly as it arrived.
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    Hello Robert
    Sorry I cant help but just wanted to welcome you to the forum..
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    Just a suggestion but I wonder if you have been using your elbow more often or differently since you've had an overall improvement.

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