3 weeks post op - trapeziectomy with suspension...

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Hello All! I am new here, and a bit concerned. I am 3 weeks 2 days post op of trapeziectomy with a suspension (the suspension is a way to give more stability to thumb - as I am "young" to have the surgery 43 years old! Ha! I do not feel so "young" lately!)

I had some pain and discomfort after surgery, nothing major, managed for the first day with narcotics, then switched to Motrin, as the narcotics were making me dizzy.

At 2 weeks they took off big cast and I am in a removable splint, I have numbness in the "fatty part of my thumb, which the physio assured me is 90% normal. My wrist is getting stiff, as the splint is an immobilizer. BUT, the site of my bigger incision is at the base of my palm, is sore, and the tissue under it is quite sore. I have been instructed to start scar massage. I have been doing those for 7 days. The smaller scar (from where they removed a tendon) is doing well, the bigger scar where the wrist/palm meet is tender.

My sis was just here for the weekend and she was concerned as I appear to be in pain at times. (we just celebrated a holiday and I was cooking as best I could - and in the process, I overdo it. And then it certainly does hurt) She thinks 3 weeks out it should be pain free. She is a nurse and has had an ortho surgeries herself (hip scope) -

Sorry for rambling, I just wanted to give information, but what I want to know, at 3 weeks out, were you still "sore" and should I be moving the wrist more. I was told the splint should be on basically 24/7 - except to shower/wash....


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    Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find support, advice, light relief and friendship here.

    I am one of the moderation team, we all have one or more arthritis 'hanger ons' or look after family with the same. If you need help with the technicalities of the forum just get in touch via a personal message.

    If you feel you would like someone to talk to about this contact our help-line team on 0808 800 4050 - this line is open 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

    Best wishes
    Chris Mod.
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    Hi DottieP. I had a trapeziectomy at the end of August. i would agree with what Sharon has said about seeing your GP if you are concerned about your pain and healing.

    I had a plaster cast on for two weeks and, at three weeks, I was wearing a splint, as you are and doing hand exercises every hour and massaging the scar three times a day. I used Bio Oil. But, yes, my hand was sore and stiff and I was told that three weeks is extremely early in the recovery period. I stopped using the splint at four weeks approximately.

    I was discharged from physio last week, so that's nearly three months after the op. I still get pains in my palm and wrist and the physiotherapist told me that even now it was still pretty early. I understand that it can take as long as a year before there is complete recovery. I was also told that. although a trapeziectomy may seem to be a minor op, in fact it is not and this is why there can be such a long recovery period.

    I hope that things gradually improve for you. Take care.

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    I know there have been a few trapezietomys so if you do a sewrch at the top of the forum, and glad to see that Meg has given you some advice..you ring the hospital that did your op and ask for an appointment ..and hopefully they will put your mind at rest..wishing you a good recover..
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    I spoke with physical therapist, she said 95% of her patients with this surgery are where I am at 3 weeks post-op, which is good to hear. I do think I may be impatient!!

    Thanks for the advise!
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    Hello DottieP :)

    Welcome to the forums from me :)

    Gosh I think you're doing well! We need and use our thumbs so much it must feel very frustrating.

    Perhaps your sis has less experience of surgery?

    However I am very reassured that you now know from the physio that you are on target :)

    take care


    Toni xxx