It went well

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Mum's funeral on Friday went well. We put together a nice gentle service for her and although it was only a 20 minute service at the crematorium everyone there felt she'd have approved. It was also commented that my late Father would have approved of the service and how it had been planned. That meant a lot to my brother and myself.

I wrote the eulogy (second one I've had to write this year sadly) and my brother then added a few words to it. Email definitely came in handy for that! In the eulogy I made a point of thanking her carers from the agency that for the past 4 or so years supported Mum in her home. (Three of her regular carers attended - one was still in uniform as she was between visits). I put a paragraph in to thank Mum's neighbour Terri as, without Terri's support, Mum couldn't have stayed in her home. Terri has now become part of our family and we've reassured her that she'll always be part of the family.

I brought a "thank you" card for her agency carers; everyone in the family signed it, put a little message in, and said who they were in relation to mum (e.g., grandson, etc.,). I'm posting the card to the satellite office where her carers take their timesheets into so they can all see it.

Doesn't take much effort does it, to thank people, but I think it means such a lot if you get a genuine, heartfelt thank you for doing your job well and making a difference to someone.



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    Hi Grace,So pleased it went well,you did her proud.Hugs (((()))) Mig
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    I'm glad to hear it went well Grace, that will be a comfort. It's good when carers are able to attend isn't it? The manager and 2 staff from the small nursing home where my mother spent her last year came to her funeral and said what a lovely service it was.
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    Grace you did it again.

    I am very proud of you as I agree you Dad would be. I hope you yourself were as ok as possible ((()))

    You are right to have thanked the carers, without them she might not have coped. For little pay - love not money - they do an amazing job.

    It takes very little time to say thank you and I am glad they came to the funeral (yours too Daffy). They must have loved her.

    Take care now and I hope a more peaceful time is ahead for you.


    Toni xxx
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    My sincere congratulations to you, Grace, for making the very best of (and coping so well with) your second major bereavement. I cannot imagine the stresses and strains you have faced so bravely this year but you have done so with courage, dignity and grace (you are well-named).

    I have no doubt that you struck exactly the right note for all involved and they will all have good memories of a sad day. We recently attended the funeral of one of our best friend's mother and, although the service was emotional the gathering after was wonderful; he showed three family videos on a loop of his mum with her family and grandchildren, plus photo albums documenting his mum's early life, marriage (and he and his siblings when children) were left dotted around the venue for everyone to look at: it made for a very memorable day.

    This ghastly year is very nearly over, Grace, and about time too, yes? ((( ))) DD
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    You are one nice lady, Grace.
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    Grace I am so pleased your mums funeral went well..and that your family said how nice it was..and like you say about the cards to her carers..little things mean a take care xx
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    I can only echo what the others have said. I'm so pleased such a sad day proceeded so well. That will be a comfort at least.
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    I am glad that such a sad occasion was a very fitting tribute and that everyone involved in Mum's care, was there to pay their respects. Several members of the care staff came to my Mum's funeral, which was held at the little chapel in the funeral home. A short service, but totally appropriate and what Mum would have wanted. Thank you for sharing, I know it is a difficult time. XX Aidan