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I have just been told that I have OA, what a surprise(!). So far I am just taking Co-Dydramol tablets when I want to kill the pain for a while, 2 before bed so that I can get some sleep.
My left knee started to swell and get stiff with a sharp pain. I have been reading all that I can from the local library, and I found this site very helpful.
I will return to this site again, so hello and goodbye! :)


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    Hi Tupney and welcome,I'm glad you find this site good.
    The members on here are very informed and a great scorce of information - just ask,the moderation team are always happy to help also
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    Hi Tupney,

    Fellow OA sufferer here (in my left knee), so I am able to give some useful tips when things get bad.

    I've had OA for going on 3 years( although I suspect its been more like 6-7 years), and I get swelling/stiffness when the weather turns cold/damp/wet etc and I find the best way to ease is to raise my left leg and stick an ice pack on it (you can find these at most pharmacies like Boots/Superdrug etc) for about 10 minutes and this eases the swelling.

    I too suffered from pain, but this was more a constant dull ache that made me lose sleep, despite been on co-codamol, Ibuprofen and even Naproxen. I eventually had a sterioid injection 3 months ago for long term pain relief, and its helped. (Steroids are not always a solution, as others will tell everyone reacts differently).

    Lastly, welcome to the forums and feel free to have a good whine when things get bad :autumn-sun:
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    I asked at my local chemist if I could use a pain relief gel (Ibuleve) on my knee, but was told by pharmacist that it would 'interfere' with one of the many tablets I have to take for my type 2 Diabetes, so it seems either I stick with the pain relief tablets or I try the suggestion of a cold pack.
    I feel that because there are many other people out there who started where I am now, that I will not feel so alone 'not knowing' what to expect.
    Thankyou all for the good tips, onward and upward, I WILL COME THROUGH THIS!. :autumn-sun:
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    Hi, I too have OA in both ankles, both knees and both hips; a barrel of laughs it is not. I take four cocodamol per day, that is sufficient to dull matters so I can get on with what needs to be done. Over the years I have learned to pace myself and to stop activities when I think I can do more. I am very lucky in that I no longer work and that eased a deal of strain. Mine occurred thanks to the joint damage caused by my other arthritis.

    There are between eight - ten million arthritics in the UK and the majority have OA. It is dealt with by GPs, pain relief, anti-inflammatory medication and maybe a referral to physio for exercises is usually on offer. Steroid injections can make a difference for up to three months but there's no guarantee that they will help. Like all forms of the disease it is a progressive and degenerative condition but how rapidly that happens is as individual as us. I hope you find the forum to be of interest - you're talking to the initiated on here, sadly we know our stuff! DD
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    Hello tupney,
    lovely to have you on the forum and I'm glad that you found it useful, you are right it is reassuring to know that you're not alone when facing something like this. We do also have lots of information about osteoarthritis that you might like to have a look through, here's a link to our booklet about osteoarthritis goo.gl/eC3UiU

    It may well be worth speaking to your GP about other pain relief gels, as he may well be able to find one for you that you can take with your type II diabetes tablets. Because he will know you better he may be able to juggle things around for you or make some other suggestions about what pain relief is available to you. It's good not to suffer in silence with these things. Here is a link to our pain booklet which you might also find useful goo.gl/cjhQaY of course we will be here for you as well so be sure to keep us updated with how you are getting on.
    Best Wishes
    Sharon :autumn-sun:
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    I was going to say the same as Sharon - not all of the gels are anti-inflammatory.

    Have you tried a nice wheatbag that you stick in the microwave? If it helps you can get stick on heat patches you can 'wear' out and about to ease pain.

    Lovely to meet you :)

    Toni xxx
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    Thankyou all for the good tips that everyone is leaving. I don't feel so alone now, knowing that there are many others out there who started where I am now, and kept going!.
    I will continue to go on this site, it seems that there are a lot of kind people on it!. :autumn-sun:
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    Hi tupney and welcome from me. Yes there are lots of kind people on here, and I have been so glad to 'meet' them and have their support and encouragement.
    ONWARD AND UPWARD is good but remember on those more challenging days that ONWARDS AND SIDEWAYS is also progress!
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    Hello again everyone!. I have been doing more reading up about OA and there seems to be a huge amount of 'cures' out there!. I take most of them with a large pinch of salt, and will start different exercises.
    The stiffness in the morning in my left knee
    and the dull ache most of the day I feel I have got used to now.
    I will return to this site, as all the replies to me have been so kind and understanding.
    Keep going on!. :autumn-sun: