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Two kittens!

GraceBGraceB Posts: 1,598
edited 1. Dec 2016, 17:40 in Community Chit-chat archive
Well, it's Wednesday and lots of you know by now what I do on a Wednesday tea-time. Yes - weigh in!

Another half a pound has gone. :lol: I'm happy with that as after Mum's funeral last Friday when my cousin, his wife and I got back to my place, we each had two slices of cheese on toast (full fat cheese as well!). So yet again I've had a look on the jolly old internet and, according to one website, kittens (they didn't say at what age) weigh about a pound each. Aahh. Hence, I have two kittens to lose! :lol: (Two pounds to go, and then I'll have lost 5 stone and be at target).

I have to say though that my digestive system either didn't like the cheese on toast or the pickled onions I had at the wake. (I ate lunch before going to the funeral so I wouldn't nibble). I suspect probably the cheese as that's the first time I'd had full fat cheese since having my gallbladder out back in January. Needless to say, when my cousin and his wife went home the Saturday I dumped the small bit of cheese that was left. (Since gone back to the half fat cheese without any problems).

Thank you so much for the "cheering on" and your generous encouragement.

Turn a negative into a positive!


  • frogmortonfrogmorton Posts: 26,008 ✭✭✭
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00

    Two little kittens!!


    That's great after eating full-fat cheese :) Well -done you :)

    My sis can't do anything fatty after she had her gallbladder out a couple of years ago so I think you may well be right. Wise to ditch what's left of it.


    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx
  • barbara12barbara12 Posts: 20,861
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Oh bless 2 little kittens can you just imagine them..Grace you have done all the hard work ..and boy have you done well..Cheese doesn't agree with me anymore ..and I love it..xx
  • stickywicketstickywicket Posts: 25,993 ✭✭✭
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Well done again, Grace. Another great result. :autumn-sun:
    “There is always a well-known solution to every human problem - neat, plausible, and wrong.” H.L. Mencken
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