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Is the term ‘exercise’ off-putting to you? What images does it conjure up, and are you likely to read a booklet that suggests ways to ‘exercise’ rather than to ‘keep mobile’, keep moving’ or ‘keep active’?

Are there ways to stay active that we haven’t covered in our Exercise and Arthritis booklet that you would like to see?

We’re keen to improve our material, making it accessible and engaging, so would really appreciate your thoughts!
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    I think it's a really good, comprehensive booklet and I shall download it as soon as I've got the hang of my new printer :oops:

    I don't find the term 'exercise' off-putting at all. As for the alternative suggestions...'keep mobile' and 'keep moving' sound to me as if they're aimed at someone who hardly walks at all but 'keep active' would be OK with me. I tend to like the phrase 'use it or lose it'.

    I really think most things are covered so well done, the AC team! The only thing I didn't much like was the cover as all three people featured seemed extremely bendy. I do think it's important to get away from the 'old crone' image but three people of different age-ranges and abilities might make the booklet look less daunting. After all, showing someone doing an exercise perfectly, someone else trying but not quite achieving such a perfect bend and another struggling to achieve much at all would imply that the exercises are beneficial to all not just the lucky few.

    One thing - I've always been told (as your booklet confirms) that those of us with RA should not do the neck twisting exercise. Why? And why just RA? What about those with eg PsA or AS?

    (Good layout too :wink: )
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