Pscoratic arthritis??

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Hi guys, so this is where I'm at, I had l4/5 spinal fussion 13 years ago which left me with an arachnoid cyst compressing my thoracic spinal cord and over the years cause cervical degeneration so have been suffering with chronic back pain for years, been on all the opioids and decided sept this year to quit the meds as I became really unwell and dangerously under weight, also earlier this year I woke up one night with pain in one hand at the end joints next to nails then the next night the other hand, the pain was awful but then they started to swell like sausages and my hands where warm all the time which there like ice normally, it then progressed to my inner toes, knees, arms basically all my joints and I had chronic pain in my spine and neck but this isn't unusual for me so didn't connect it at first, my doc sent me to rheumatology where I'm awaiting an MRI scan but have to wait at least a month as I'm going in for faucet joint injections in my lumbar spine and the cortisone will mask any readings, my brother is covered in sporiosis and my nana was crippled with RA, I'm just guessing right now but it looks like pscoratic arthritis could be a possibility unless there is something else it could be, any advice would be helpful right now, thanks in advance


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    Hi Quazzie
    Welcome to the forum you have found us and that is good, there are many here who can give you sound advice and speak form their own experiences.
    You will find all the forums friendly, the most used being LWA and Chit chat. So choose one and enjoy talking to people.
    All the best
    Christine :autumn-sun:
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    Hi, I have psoriatic arthritis but my skin has never been a major problem. My troubles began back in 1997, I was vaguely diagnosed in 2002 then formally in 2006. I was then diagnosed with OA in 2011 so I've won the creaky jackpot! I was born with eczema and then developed asthma aged seven, both are on auto-immune troubles so for me this is more of the same. These things can run in families so I hope your rheumatologist is aware of the troubles your brother and grandmother have had.

    Have you had any blood tests? If so what did they show? PsA traditionally begins in the smaller joints so that may help your diagnosis. Please let us know how you get on. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben