The Joys of a Simple Medical Life.

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There are many joys in my life and today a new one has been added to the list, namely having both meds delivered at the same time together with full and new sharps being dealt with in the same visit: how civilised is that? For me the 21st century has finally arrived!

I've left a message on my rheumatology Helpline thanking them for making this happen (yes, it's been a bumpy road but they meant well and it all worked today, which is a good thing). DD
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    Hi DD
    These are the little things that the fit and well population would not understand, but will make for a less stressful life for you.
    Yaay ! for the simple things :D
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    Good news is always good to hear though I must say that sounds almost too good to be true. Maybe it's a spot of Christmas goodwill and logic. Let's hope it extends into the new year.
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