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Today I discovered the simple joy of wearing trainers when walking to/from the train station to my work, as I bought myself a pair of Sketchers with built in memory foam.

I should of done this a long time ago, as my previous physio recommended wearing them as it can lessen the impact on my knee.

Such a simple change of footwear has made me fell more confident when walking, and have noticed a slight change in how I walk (I have been putting more weight on my right side when walking), it feels more natural, which can only help my arthirits in the long run.

Im sure othere here know the benefits of wearing trainers.
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    I have been wearing Sketchers Shape Ups for about 5 years now. They are the only things I can walk any distance in. I have a pair of 'normal' shoes I wear if I only need to walk from the front door to a car and back. My rheumie thought they were brilliant, plenty of cushioning and laced up for support.
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    Well-fitting trainers are a boon because they have the cushioning and arch supports which can really help improve our posture. I'm pleased they're helping! DD
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    Trainers are great, cushioning definitely helps with impact on the joints. But they're not very warm or good in wet weather so at the moment, I am wearing snow boots. The quilted waterproof ones are very comfy and very toasty! (And it's not even snowing.)