Hopes up and hopes dashed again!!

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Well as you know my operation was cancelled last week, well yesterday my consultants secretary called me and said I may have a bed for today (7/12/2016) and said would call back in an hour to confirm. An hour later nothing, 2 hours later nothing so I decided to call her and she said sorry still no beds and she had been talking to my consultant and he has decided because my operation is needed a.s.a.p. he was going to arrange it for mid January and he would come in on a Saturday to do it. So now waiting on the letter to confirm date. Plus I'm still on the stand by list but not holding my breath!! Well the cold is starting to niggle my joints as I know it must be all yours as well so all we can do is keep warm and hibernate till Spring!! :winter-storm:


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    I'm sorry to read this, bubbadog. These operations are hard enough to face without any additional obstacles. You might still get there before Christmas, though. Some people postpone elective surgery rather than be in hospital for Christmas. I once gained a hip from that :wink:
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    Bubba Im sorry you are being messed about must be very upsetting,hugs (((()))). Mig
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    Bubba, I'm sorry to hear this. Planning for surgery is always daunting enough without wondering if you are going to have your surgery cancelled. Sadly with the strain the NHS is under at the moment I think this will become more common.

    I hope you get the date through soon. Please let us know when you hear. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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