A little good news today

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Well..took my 8th dose of MTX on monday..went to nurse yesterday for my fortnightly blood tests..and got my new prescription today....

Which means im onto 4 weekly bloods now!! :D


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    Great news :)
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    Oh yes, I remember that relief well and isn't it a lovely feeling? I was on fortnightly bloods for around three years because of the various chops and changes with my medications, then monthly for a few years and now bi-monthly (I keep forgetting to have them done though, no-one ever contacts me with results which means all is OK so as a result I let them lapse . . . . :oops: ) DD
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    Thanks for sharing the good news. It brightens up the forum.

    Yes, sometimes it feels as if our whole life boils down to consultations, bloods and chasing up things medical. Anything that relieves the list is very welcome.

    Keep going. You'll soon be joining me at 3 monthly bloods :D
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