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Tezz has been ill for some time and is now to face a very big operation in January.

Typically, she asked me to send her apologies for absence (She just hasn't felt well enough to support others as she normally does) but I am taking the liberty of asking, also, for your messages of support for her which I'm sure would be appreciated.

Have a great Christmas, Tezz, and the very best of luck for January.
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    Hi Tezz,I will be with you when ever needed and wish you well for your operation hope it goes well,sending huge hugs (((()))) X

    Thanks for letting us know Sticky.(((()))) Mig
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    I thought she had been quiet - and all for the wrong reason. :(

    I wish you very well, teresak, your family too. I will be thinking of you and look forward to seeing your name on here again once you are better. ((( ))) DD
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    Dear Tezz,

    Sorry to hear you are poorly and need an operation next month. Hope it all goes well for you.

    Love from all of us
    Yvonne and the mod team xxx
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    Hi Tezz
    I'm so sorry to hear about this. I hadn't noticed you weren't about because I'm just getting back online .......halfway through recovery from TKR.
    I'll be with you during the operation and thinking about you and thanks for letting us know.

    All the best pet.
  • Megrose2
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    So sorry to hear that you've not been well, Tezz. I'm sending some positive vibes for your op in January. I hope it all goes well. Wishing you a happy Christmas and a healthier 2017!

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    So sorry to hear your unwell Tezz, all the best for January, looks like we're going to be new year surgery buds. Lets hope it does the trick for both of us. Will be thinking of you over Christmas hope you get to enjoy some of the festivities. All the best sending you positive (())'s. xx :sick-in-bed:
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    Please send my best too to Theresak

    I hope she is able to take the chance to rest up ready for the operation she faces in January.

    Love and ((())) to her

    Toni xxx
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    Oh no, poor thing. I am sending virtual hugs and wish you a speedy recovery from your operation. I hope you are well enough to enjoy Christmas and new year. Seasons greetings x