Hi I'm Emma.

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Hi. I'm Emma.
I'm 28 and I have a cheeky 9 year old daughter and an amazing partner, who has been my rock during the worst of this illness so far. We live in Yorkshire and although I love this area of the UK, the damp, windy, cold, valleys aren't the best for aching, stiff joints.

I used to be a care assistant but had PND after having my daughter and had only just got myself back into employment for 6 months, when the first flare started.

In the last 6 months, I've been diagnosed with widespread "LIKELY Seronegative Inflammatory Arthritis" and "Fibromyalgia" however my first "flare" was over 2 and half years ago now, just yesterday stared on Methotrexate Metoject after 2 years of being almost continually on Corticosteroids.

Still feel relatively new to my condition, still don't fully understand what it is or what's causing it. I've lost all my confidence and self esteem and seemingly all, but 3 of my close friends. Who sadly live too far away to see regularly.

I'm looking forward to reading through this forum, I've become quite shy, even online - I deactivated my Facebook 2 months ago because I felt I had nothing to post about and no-one to post too anyway - so will probably not post very much on here. But as I spend most days totally isolated, I'm hoping having this community to turn to will help me start to rebuild myself.


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    welcome to the forums and I hope you find what you want,there are many people on here with similar experiences and are more than happy to share advice.
    it may be worth looking at our leaflet 'managing arthritis' (link follows) or at one of our other publications,if there is any technical help needed just ask and we will do our best to help.
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    Hello my lovely, it's very good to 'meet' you and, although it is for a sad reason you have had to find us, I for one am pleased you have. Everyone on here has their unique arthritic burdens, be it an auto-immune, OA and the hangers-on they bring in their wake (such as fibro, difficulty sleeping etc.) so we know and understand how hard things can be and how isolating. I couldn't believe my luck when I found the forum, I too felt very alone but suddenly here were other people who were experiencing similar events in their lives, people who understood.

    I have a sero-negative inflammatory too (psoriatic arthritis, PsA) and that in turn has led to OA and fibro (I am now 57, my troubles began aged 37 so I have a head-start on you :wink: ). There is no doubt that arthritis changes our lives but it should not be allowed to change the essential 'us' - yes, I have arthritis, yes I need to take meds, yes I have walking aids, yes it gets me down from time to time but I am still the person I have always been, it's just I can't do what I used.

    I live in East Anglia so some way from you but, thanks to the forum, we can 'talk'. I do not have children through choice but I too have a very supportive husband. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Emma and welcome from me, too x:D I, too, come from Yorkshire. I spent my first 70 years in that lovely county but have just moved up to the equally lovely Scottish Borders. I don't expect it to be any less 'damp, cold and windy' but it is beautiful and the people are very friendly which is a huge plus. Two, in fact.

    Right, 'likely sero-neg inflammatory' probably sounds to you about as vague a diagnosis as one can get but it is actually quite a common one. It means that, although your blood tests negative for the rheumatoid factor you still have an inflammatory form of arthritis. Some people live for years with that sort of diagnosis but for others, after a while, things become clearer and a more precise-sounding name can be put to it. It makes no difference to the treatment and that's where you are lucky because you've been given the right treatment. Some docs see the negative blood test and think there's no inflammatory arthritis there which is bad news for the sufferers. In addition to the link that Al gave you, you might find this info on inflammatory arthritis helpful http://tinyurl.com/jska5lx

    Another term for 'inflammatory arthritis' is 'auto-immune arthritis'. It means that your immune cells don't just attack infections but actually attack your own body too. All of us with an inflammatory form of arthritis have over-active immune systems and the purpose of the medication is to dampen them down a bit.

    You seem to have been moved straight from steroids on to injectable methotrexate. Most people use meth in tablet form initially (I've been on it for years) and only move onto the pens if they can't tolerate the side-effects of the pills.

    It is true that anyone with a chronic debilitating disease soon finds out who their real friends are. But the 'fair weather friends' aren't true friends at all and you're better off without them.

    I'm sorry you feel so isolated. Have you interests you could pursue with others? Gentle exercise is good for arthritis and there are lots of different kinds available. I've been amazed, since moving here, just how much there is going on (village halls, libraries, post-offices and even our local garden centre are all good sources of information).

    However, you've already made contact with us and that's a great start. I hope you'll hang around and not be afraid to post. Living With Arthritis and Chit Chat are where most people hang out. Do join in on any thread or create one of your own. Good luck x:D
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    Welcome Emma.

    I'm also new to arthritis. Recently diagnosed with auto immune arthritis although suspect I've had it for 2 years when my fingers first started becoming sore. But with no rheumatoid factor in my blood the docs kept saying it wasn't arthritis.

    We are all here to listen and chat. Nice to be able to talk to like minded as don't want to always burden OH with my feelings, although he is very supportive.


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    Hello Emma

    I am so sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with arthritis too :(

    I read that you have a great partner and a daughter 9 who sounds to be rather entertaining! That's such a bonus when you are facing this extra difficulty.

    Good that you are off steroids, (effective, but not without their consequences), and onto MTX jabs now.

    Arthritis can be isolating we all know that, however this community is very kind, supportive and knowledgeable. Please do join us anywhere you like. We have a virtual café where you can enjoy a cuppa and natter, a newly fledged knitting circle and a book club, which has been very quiet of late.

    I hope we can help you get some of your confidence back.

    Take care Emma


    Toni xxx
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    Hello Emma
    I'm so glad you have joined us, it helps to talk to people that understand some of what you are going through, glad to hear you have such a lovely partner and daughter to keep you going ....I hope to see you around the forum.. x:)