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Things have not been great with my health. To add to the stress, work has been more hectic than usual. I've been feeling a bit down about it all. Yet, the low mood hasn't been a long lasting feeling because I've been surrounded by love and support from the people around me. I'm finally getting a bit better at letting people into my life and sharing with them when I need their help. It feels strange to be eager about my upcoming tests and hospital appointments but I know it's means to an end. I'm also immensely grateful for having excellent health care and I've been fortunate enough to have access some of the top specialists in my field who are leaving no stone unturned. The diagnosis is not looking ideal but pushing through is important because I can start to get the right treatment. Whatever life throws at me, I can take it because I won't be doing it alone, I'll be doing it with my family and friends by my side. For that, I have a lot of gratitude.


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    Gosh Sophie!!

    Well-done you :) That was brave letting them all in and accepting help. It is the right thing you did there I am sure.

    Yes you face tests, and then results, then a plan hopefully, but best of all you are not facing it alone. have us lot too x:D

    Take care


    Toni xxx
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    I'm glad you are being looked after well and cared for by experts. That makes a big difference in tough times. I wish you good luck while hoping that luck doesn't come into it.
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    Hi Sophie
    Letting other people in is a big step. I've got past that stage now and it makes such a difference. Asking friends for help when I need it, accepting help from strangers when I'm out and about {on my scooter or even on the crutches} Little things from strangers like reaching to get things down from shelves you can't reach if on my scooter or today everywhere was crowded and I had my scooter in the Metro Centre and had to squash into lifts. I have my crutches on holders at the back of my scooter. I would think I was in then the door wouldn't close and people would either take my crutches out or just pull them forward so the door would automatically close. Telling friends when you need help is a big thing
    Well done you
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    Thank you for the lovely replies, as always, and a belated merry Christmas.