What's on your Christmas wish list?

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This is the materialistic list. I don't want any lists containing things like; world peace or good health for all. Tell me what you stuff you want. :D


  • Starburst
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    I would like....
    - a funny little doggy jumper so I can dress up the dog
    - a new iPad case
    - a fluffy dressing gowm
    - a Cadbury selection box
  • frogmorton
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    New phone, preferably waterproof so I can drop it down the lav', in the pond etc :)

    A case for it so it doesn't get cracked like my current one (poor phone :( ).

    I also need some chocolate!!!
  • dreamdaisy
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    I wished for an internet radio and I have one! Because it wasn't a surprise (I ordered it) we decided to use it and its fab.

    I have also treated myself to a one-off handmade sterling silver pendant for which I am waiting. It's based on a pebble I found on Southwold beach, it should be with me soon.

    No chocolate thank you, Santa, I prefer savoury so Twiglets or Cheddars would be lovely!

  • Kerrsa
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    The watch I wanted I bought for myself a month ago, so am happy with whatever I get.

    I will be with my parents are we are not big on pressies. Back to open pressies from OH on 28th Dec.

    Of course, any chocolate will be gladly consumed.

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  • tkachev
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    Chocolate is always welcome but on my list is useful shower gel, a new builders mug as I have broken two of my favourites this year (I spill my tea if it is normal size), some more gold charms for my charm bracelet as usual and face cleaner.

    I do love books but still have some from last year to read.
    Elizabeth xx
  • TheLordFlasheart
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    - Red Dwarf XI
    - Microwave (alraedy know i have this), will make my life easier when im not in the mood to make a proper meal

    Not much of a list really, but then im not that fussed. All my attention will be spent with my nieces over Christmas.
  • stickywicket
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    Blimey! I haven't done a Christmas wish list since I was a small child. I have, of necessity, had so much money spent on my behalf in our new house I can't think of anything else I need or want. Though I have dropped some heavy hints that I'd like a calendar featuring my grandsons.
  • Airwave!
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    A new motorbike (it won't appear) the chocolate might! A turkey sandwich would be appreciated.

  • bubbadog
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    :Asked Santa OH for Prince 4 nights in Miami (4 disc CD), I know he's ordered it!!
    : T-Bar and heart bracelet