Been Awarded P.I.P!!

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I actually got my letter from the D.W.P end of last week! I couldn't open it so got my OH to open it for me. I saw his face light up as he read the letter. I have been awarded the top band of the Mobility until 2020.
And the middle band (I think, can't remember!) for the care until 2020.
Talk about a great Christmas present! I really can relax now and enjoy Christmas now and look forward to 2017! I have a huge smile on my face. x:) champagne bottle


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    That is a great Christmas present for you. Relax and enjoy Christmas.
    Chris Mod santa
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    That is such good news Bd, I am completely thrilled for you. It is a worry, the whole situation, from start to finish. I bet you do have a big smile. If any letters come from the DWP then I get OH to open them, I just cannot bear it.
    Have a lovely Christmas and New year, may it be stress free XX Aidan
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    Congratulations! That is truly great news! Please make sure you relax as much as possible over Christmas and New Year!

    Quite typically I got the dreaded letter for a medical review on my doorstep on Thursday, after limping through the door from getting bad news about my hips a couple of hours earlier at my hospital appointment, and almost getting hit by a car reversing on to a pedestrian area when struggling home, having to jump out of the way! Stressed up to the eyeballs about it really, just one of those days where nothing goes right!

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