I'm back.

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Weel somehow I survived my hetic few weeks, two craft fairs a week apart, a display in a pop up shop and work. The talk was cancelled, ironically as it would have been held on the international day of the disabled (by coincidence ) due to accessibility issues but to be honest I was relieved.
Both craft fairs went well, and I had some sales as well from the pop-up display.

However what I had not bargained for was that once thought I could relax we got the phone call and OFSTED came to call! Not surprisingly the following weekend was not good.

Last week was also a long one but for lovely reasons as my last three days at work for the term were bookended by seeing my Grandsons in their Christmas production and then by taking all three grandchildren and my daughter to have lunch with Father Christmas. Not surprisingly I have spent the past couple of days recovering!

So I'm back, and as I've been given permission by the Mods to do this I'm adding the link to my latest blog about how creativity has helped me this year.



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    Its good to have you back slosh..you have been busy, so glad you got to see your GC in the Christmas play..nothing nicer and then father Christmas..think you had better put your feet up..thanks for the link I will go and have a read... :) x
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    Welcome back, Slosh.

    Your jewellery looks amazing and I'm not surprised it sells well. I'm also not surprised you've been awol. What a busy schedule! You know, reading your post, my main thought was how far you've come even since last year. You've had so much to deal with, not only on the arthritis front, but yet you are coping with knobs on. I wish you every success with your craft sales.
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    Thank you both for the welcome and thank you so much Sticky. I do feel tha this year is ending more positively for me than last year. Even at school I managed not to cause any problems!

    Taking my Grandchildren to have lunch with FC was tiring but so much fun and so worth it to see their faces. My 5yr old Grandson asked for a sponge "so he can help Mummy with the cleaning". He really put this in his letter!

    My present to my Granddaughter is rather special. A wooden dolls cradle that my late Father made for me as a child, that I kept and passed on to my daughter and now with a lick of paint and new bedding will pass on to my granddaughter.

    Thanks as well for the compliments on my jewellery.