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As the title says, whats the best way to deal with fatigue when at work?

These past few days my OA has been in "always on mode", and as a result im feeling fatigued, even more so today. Now I can manage when im at home, as I can easily pace my day and rest (or have a quick kip), when my energey levels are low.

The problem is, this is very hard to do at work. As yy job is complex and I need to concentrate all the time, but when I get fatigued my concentration slips, and this piles more pressure on me making me feel worse.

I do have planned in regular mini breaks, but this is just to help the physical symptoms (knee going stiff, etc), but I dont have anything in place to help with the fatigue.

Is there anything I can do/arrange with my manager/HR to assist me?


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    Hello TheLordFlasheart

    I am sorry to hear how fatigued you are finding yourself with your OA. It really is a common problem with arthritis.

    I don't know whether you have read our information section on the subject?

    Just in-case you haven't here is a link:


    In addition there is also information about working with arthritis:


    There is information regarding your rights, so very useful to read before discussing with your employer/HR.

    I hope it helps you a little.

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    I'm sorry, I can't help as I haven't done paid work in years and I suspect the dearth of replies is because (a)many others have had to give up work too and (b)in the run-up to Christmas those who haven't are too tired and achey to come on here. I hope the links help a bit.
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    I can't be of much help to you. I'm very lucky as I do my boss's housework and am able to chop and change what I'm doing or stop for a cuppa when I need it. It's not very taxing mentally either which is just as well as I sometimes feel as if I'm drifting to sleep. My cousin's workplace used to have a bed for one of their workers for when she was feeling drained. Could that be a possibility? I'm sure I've heard of other places doing this.
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    Can you ask to be referred to Occupational Health? They may be able to make recommendations but my understanding is these are only recommendations and an employer is encouraged to put these into place but it's not always a legal requirement.

    If your employer has a First Aid room you may be able to use that in your lunch break to have "forty winks". I've done that before but with the proviso that if the First Aid room was required for medical purposes I'd have to leave. (Never needed to though!).

    The other option is what about a "Fit Note" from your GP that says you are able to work 'as long as .... ' is provided? Might be worth asking at least.

    Are you a member of a Union? If so they may be able to assist.

    Although I only work part-time, on Mondays and Tuesdays when I'm at work all day I always, but always, make sure I take my full hour's lunch break. I leave my desk and sit down in an area we have with comfier chairs and I relax with a book or have a chat with other staff who are also on their lunch break. Wednesdays I only work the morning so I leave at 1pm and have a sit down when I get home. Doing this enables me to continue to work, albeit part-time as I certainly couldn't manage full time now sadly.

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    Thanks for all the tips/advice on coping with fatigue (I know most here are not in work, but the moral support helps)

    I spoke to my manager on Thursday and how some days I can get fatigued, and suggested either changing my shifts (i.e starting later in the day) or going part time. Now if I was to go part time, this would have to be agreed by the centre manager, but for me it would reduce my income, so I am going to look at what I can claim to make up any loss in my earnings.

    Got a lot to think about - but thats for after Christmas.

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