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Hello and thank you for accepting me to the Forum. I would be grateful for some advice once my account is up and running. santa


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    Dear Chuzupop, welcome to Arthritis Care Forums.

    As mods we are here to help with any problems you may have using the forums.

    There are many lovely people who use the forums with a wide range of experiences. Have a good look through the different forums and pick the ones you feel are best for the information you seek.

    Best wishes,

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    Hi there, Chuzupop and welcome from me too. How can we help? (Questions are best put on the Living With Arthritis forum where more people will see them.)
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    Welcome to the forums Chuzupop. As Sticky said were here to help and listen.
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    Welcome from me too :)

    Please come on in and join us we are a friendly bunch. This forum has been a huge support to me over the years.

    Best wishes

    Toni xx
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    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR1ePC5hn5xeop2RL1lPqepOAM-OH6nKh1pRK4tVkyS57JQN8O_from me too