R.I.P Debbie Reynolds

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Just days after her daughter Carrie Fisher, actress Debbie Reynolds has died at the age of 88.


  • rondetto
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    She was I believe 84.
  • frogmorton
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    So sad Ron, but she'll be with Carrie now.

    She was in singing in the rain wasn't she? and in Will and Grace I read.

  • GraceB
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    Couldn't believe it when I saw it on the BBC news website. I'm starting to dread watching the news or going online.

    I understand she was arranging her daughter Carrie's funeral when she had a stroke. Her poor son. And her granddaughter (Carrie Fisher's daughter) has now lost her mother and grandmother within the space of 2 days. Just shows what a truly broken heart can do.

    Debbie Reynolds was before my time, but I do recall seeing her in a re-run of Singing in the Rain. Wonderful actress. Yet another loss to the world of entertainment.

    R.I.P Debbie.